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Across four centuries, a devoted 230 years of jewellery craftsmanship has built Parsons loyal, family customers. Over that time, families have passed down timeless heirlooms, entrusting Parsons to restore antique jewellery to its former glory.


A timeless British institution, Parsons remains the UK’s oldest jewellers; nurturing all its traditional service attributes and craftsmanship whilst adopting new methods of reaching out to customers world-wide through its web presence.


1710 J.Edugecumbe established Parsons Jewellers

1796 J.Edgecumbe’s brother, Nathaniel, devoted himself to continuing the business.

1840 George Parsons, nephew to John and Nathaniel, worked to learn the clockmaker craft.

1860 George Parsons, having been passed the Edgecumbe heirloom, brought his father Joseph into the Edgecumbe’s family fold. George, a romantic at heart, began crafting jewellery.  The family built a bespoke shop frontage, known as Old Queen Anne House on Redcross street in Bristol.

1887 Joseph Edgecumbe Parson - George’s son, took stewardship of the Jewellers.

1920 His son, Cyril Parsons, inherited this family institution. As testament to his true goldsmith expertise he was entrusted chairmanship of Great Britain’s National Association of Goldsmiths.

1949 Eric Parsons, alongside his wife Freda, wed himself to the family institution, working until the turn of the 20th century.





1710 Parsons- Our Store

Our store can still be found in the heart of Bristol, in the city where it was established so many years ago.  We also have a satellite store in our owner’s wonderful Old Down Estate nr Bristol which is open to visitors all year round www.olddownestate.co.uk




1710 Parsons- Our Website

Through this website can still encapsulate the values of our heritage and finely crafted jewellery but can now make it accessible to valued customers all over the world.




1710 Parsons- Our Kimberley Mines 

Parsons’ jewellery continues to showcase the brilliance of the ‘blue-white’ diamonds from our mines. With its unique glacial history, the mine has yielded distinct alluvial diamonds of brilliance. By 1953, 80,000 carats of diamonds had been unearthed, 15 of these alluvials each surpassing 100 carats with a record discovery in 1951 of the Venter diamond, the largest ever found, weighing an astounding 511 carrats.