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Garnet - January's Birthstone

Sunday, 1 January 2017 08:26:00 Europe/London

Garnet comes from the Latin word of ‘Garanatus’ which means ‘seedlike’, in reference to a pomegranate reflecting on its shape and colour. The birthstone of January is also given celebrates the 2nd and the 6th wedding anniversaries. Garnets are given to show affection between two people, be it, friends or family, and are believed to make sure that they meet again when parted. 

Garnets are often found in Brazil, Mexico, North America and Australia. The warm, bright stone stands in contrast to the cold month of January.  Garnets come in many varieties of shades, for example, the dark red Garnet is called a ‘Bohemian’ Garnet.  An orange – tinged shade is called a ‘cinnamon’ Garnet.

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