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By: Gulliver O'Neill

Tips on choosing the perfect engagement ring

05 Dec, 2017

Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged to be married! Did you see her amazing 3 stone diamond ring?! The centre stone being from Botswana, a place that’s held dear in both their hearts and the two stones either side of the ring being from the collection of Harry’s wonderful late mother, Princess Diana. How beautiful…. But how exactly did Harry go about choosing the perfect ring for a princess?

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By: 1710 Parsons

Caring for your pearls

16 May, 2017

Give your pearls the care they deserve to help maintain their natural beauty. 

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At Parsons Jewellers we are delighted to have won ‘Independent Retailer of the Year’ at the Bristol Lifestyle Awards.  After months of pubic voting on twelve distinctive categories, the winners of The Bristol Lifestyle Awards 2017 were announced on Wednesday 29th March at The Bristol Harbor Hotel at a prestigious red carpet awards dinner, attended by celebrities such as...

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By: 1710Parsons

Amethyst - February's Birthstone

01 Feb, 2017

It is noted that Amethysts are the suggested gem to give on the 4th, 6th, and 17th wedding anniversaries. It is also the birthstone for the month of February and the official gem for Wednesdays, Jupiter and...

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By: 1710Parsons

Garnet - January's Birthstone

01 Jan, 2017

Garnet comes from the Latin word of ‘Garanatus’ which means ‘seedlike’, in reference to a pomegranate reflecting on its shape and colour. The birthstone of January is also given celebrates the 2nd and the 6th wedding anniversaries. Garnets are given to show affection between...

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