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Taking Digital Entertainment to Excellence


In order to ease communications between the Customer and Customer Care team, continuing with their digital transformation process, DIRECTV updated its Avaya communication system in 2020. 

6 million

calls per month


IVR channels


agents, all of them working from home


Perform an update of the process for its Avaya communications solutions in order to ensure the availability of its communication at 99.95% and continue with the digital transformation process that the company had undertaken.

Value Created

The result was a transparent update without incidents or impacts on the business, to offer functionalities that facilitate communication between the customer and the Customer Care team, on a platform that manages 6 million monthly calls, 1,300 IVR channels and 2,500 agents working from their homes.

Digital Entertainment for Latin America

DIRECTV is a leading digital entertainment company that has been acquiring, producing and distributing sports and entertainment content throughout Latin America for more than 20 years.

It currently offers its customers various services that include pre-paid and post-paid satellite television subscription and the DIRECTV GO pan-regional streaming platform, through which customers can access live and on-demand content, when and where they want it.

All DIRECTV customers – both prepaid and billed – have access to the platform at no additional cost.

Resounding success

The basis of its success during all these years has been their goal of continually implementing the latest technologies and delivering excellence in service and customer service, which means facing and overcoming the biggest challenges. In this context, digital transformation was imminent, while the pandemic put to the test their ability to execute a large, complex project in its entirety within the framework of a new work model

Thus, in 2020, DIRECTV aimed to update its Avaya communications solutions.

The project sought to ensure the availability of its communications at 99.95% and to continue with the digital transformation process that the company had undertaken in order to offer functionalities that would facilitate communications between the customer and the Customer Care team.

“The pandemic undoubtedly greatly accelerated that transformation process, where it was key to work with expert partners who helped us achieve the objectives set in just one year while facing the challenges of a project with these characteristics in a remote working scenario. From the very beginning, Avaya understood the importance of the project for DIRECTV and, using all its experience in global projects, provided a work team focused on reducing the need for on-site work, maximizing coordination and remote technical work, while meeting business and schedule objectives,” said Alejandro Chao, Executive Director of IT Infrastructure and Operations at DIRECTV Latin America.

We will soon work with Avaya to incorporate omnichannel services, which will allow us to serve the customer from any means of communication, dealing with all of their concerns”

SolaaS: Beneficial agreement for the business

DIRECTV and Avaya developed a joint project over nine months, taking advantage of the Avaya OneCloud communications and collaboration platform that covered seven critical areas that manage 6 million monthly incoming calls, 1,300 IVR channels and 2,500 remote working agents. The result: a seamless update without incidents or business impact.

A flexible and immediate model

In turn, DIRECTV and Avaya agreed on a new contract modality called SolaaS (Solution as a Service), which allows the company to increase or reduce the capacity of the solutions based on the business needs. An example of this is adding IVR ports to high-audience events, such as a major soccer game. In this matter, Avaya included its monitoring services, single point of contact, advanced solution architect, back-up and contingency operation tests, among others.

DIRECTV is the leading provider in Latin America that offers the best experience in digital entertainment through various service modalities.

Omnichannel services on the radar

In order to anticipate the changes that are expected in this industry sphere, DIRECTV is committed to continue working on digitizing its services, which will provide customers with different ways to communicate and express their concerns or needs.

Additionally, Customer Care agents will be able to deal with such requests without losing the context, using traceability capabilities and being able to alternate between them to serve the customer. 


DIRECTV delivers the best entertainment experience. Every day DIRECTV subscribers in Latin America enjoy 100% digital sound and quality, industry-leading customer service, technological superiority, the most outstanding HD content including transmission of original and exclusive series, complete coverage of the most important events, leagues and sports packages and the possibility of enjoying programming on different screens where and when the user prefers. For more information, visit ©2021 AT&T Intellectual Property. DIRECTV, the DIRECTV logo, and all other DIRECTV brands contained herein are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property and/or affiliated companies of AT&T.

With DIRECTV GO, users can access content as they choose and when they want to through various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers or Smart TVs. DIRECTV GO is an over-the-top (OTT) subscription service that offers online access to a variety of programs in various Latin American countries. It includes access to linear, live, On Demand and sports content and the option of subscribing to premium programming. DIRECTV GO is a Vrio service offered by its affiliated company Latam Streamco Inc. It is available at no additional cost to DIRECTV satellite television service subscribers in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay, thanks to an agreement between Vrio and DIRECTV satellite television service providers. More information at: ©2021 AT&T Intellectual Property. DIRECTV, the DIRECTV logo, and all other DIRECTV brands contained herein are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property and/or affiliated companies of AT&T.

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