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Avaya AI Virtual Agent

Conversational, generative AI that engages customers and empowers agents.  

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Virtual agents transform customer contact experiences.

Employ an Avaya virtual agent in your business to uplevel and build self-service apps, creating a friendlier, more efficient service experience for your customers and users. Our virtual agents have natural language tools and replicate a live-agent experience by talking, listening, and understanding callers, providing self-help solutions for common problems and, when needed, seamlessly escalating calls to your helpful human agents.

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How to make customers love self service.

Reinvent and expand your automated service experiences by adding Avaya AI Virtual Agent capabilities.

  • Deliver high-quality support
  • Interact naturally
  • Make it personal
  • Be efficient and reliable
  • Give accurate information

How to make transfers painless and productive.

Using Avaya AI Agent Assist, when callers are transferred to a live agent, call context and history go with them. AI mines the “conversation” to provide agents with ongoing suggestions and fetch relevant information throughout the interaction.

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Virtual agents bring game-changing capabilities.

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24/7 availability

Virtuals never need a break.

Omnichannel connectivity

They can talk, chat, call, and more.

100+ languages supported

They can communicate with anyone, anywhere.

Conversational AI

And make it as easy as talking to a person.

Sentiment analysis

Virtuals can sense emotion and react appropriately.


They are safe to deploy in your business.

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Let our ACES expert staff help.

The Avaya Customer Experience Services team uses a meticulous process of analysis, design, and implementation to create customer experiences—including AI solutions—that align perfectly with your business needs.



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Avaya Conversational Intelligence

Transform your customer experience and improve agent productivity by reducing contact center after-call work.

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Deliver the service customers crave.

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